Monday, May 12, 2008

Pill effective against gestational diabetes

Just in case you don't want to treat gestational diabetes naturally, or your diagnosis is so severe (and your blood sugar levels are dangerously high) that you absolutely must have some prescription help, a new study gives more options to moms worried about gestational diabetes

Pill effective against gestational diabetes
By Gene Emery

BOSTON (Reuters) - The diabetes pill metformin is just as effective as insulin injections in treating women who develop diabetes during pregnancy, researchers in New Zealand and Australia reported on Wednesday.

So-called gestational diabetes surfaces in one out of every 20 pregnant women, and there has been concern that metformin might affect a fetus because the drug can cross the placenta."
Gestational diabetes help is available for everyone, and if this drug allows moms to skip injections of insulin, that's sure to help reduce stress levels for moms and their babies.

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