Thursday, April 24, 2008

Worried about Gestational Diabetes?

I was worried about gestational diabetes. And if you're pregnant, you probably are too.

But after the mountains of gestational diabetes help and information I've sorted through, I'm ready to share everything I know so YOU won't worry as much as I did.

Stress is not good, for you or your baby. And a stress-free mom who eats right and exercises is the best possible start to coping with gestational diabetes.

If you have any questions or concerns about gestational diabetes, I'd love to hear them -- I'm just finishing writing, editing, and getting medical reviews for a huge resource I've developed and it could always use a bit more information. (Might as well do SOMETHING with all this info in my head!)

So if you're looking for gestational diabetes recipes (or want to share yours), meal plans for gestational diabetes (or complete diet plans for gestational diabetes), information on how to pass the gestational diabetes test or treatment for gestational diabetes after you've been identified as at risk, stick around, because there's lots to come!

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